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All the practitioners, F. Wu, X.Q. Ma, S. Feng, J. Zhang used to work at leading Chinese hospitals and also have been working locally for 10 to 20 years and have a very good local reputation. All our staff is well trained and very friendly.


Traditionally we specialize in acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy for pain relief and skin problems. For the past years we have been treating problems such as infertility, male sexual problems, women’s fibroids, stress, smoking and weight control.


We aim to provide the best quality of natural products at all levels and co-operate with MCA & ATCM.

The website content is not intended to make any medical claims and is not meant to substitute the advice of other health professionals. Acuherbal always recommends that patients visit their conventional doctor as well as seeking our help and promotes an integrative, complementary medical approach.