The purpose of this programme is to offer a caring & effective approach to relieving acute and chronic pain by using natural pain relief products, suitable for infants to the elderly.
Our experienced and skilful practitioners are able to assess & provide personalised treatment and rehabilitation programmes for the following conditions:


1. Neck & Back Pain
2. Whip lash & Frozen neck
3. Spinal disc injuries & Sciatica
4. Frozen or strained shoulders
5. Tennis & Golfer’s elbow
6. Carpel tunnel syndrome & Hand pain
7. Hip, knee, ankle & foot pain
8. Sporting & work related injuries
9. Post-operative pain
10. Muscular pain & cramps
11. Tendonitis & Repetitive Stress Injuries (R.S.I)
12. Rheumatoid Arthritis & Oesteo Arthritis
13. Fibromyalgia
14. Neuralgia & Shingles/nerve pain
15. Headaches & Migraines

This website content is not intended to make any medical claims and is not meant to substitute the advice of other health professionals. Acuherbal always recommends that patients visit their conventional doctor as well as seeking our help and promotes an integrative, complementary medical approach.