Dr Feng WU Head practitioner ATCM

Upon graduation from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1988, Dr Wu started his intensive TCM practising in one of the leading teaching hospitals in China, during which period he had a few books published and later became a young hospital consultant. Dr Wu came to London as a visiting fellow in 1995, and soon afterwards he started his therapist’ career in Britain. Together with Dr Ma, he set up the Acuherbal Clinic centre. Dr Wu is an experienced and dedicated therapist.


Dr Wu specializes in the following fields
1. Infertility, Menstrual disorders, IVF assistance
2. Skin disorders
3. Male problems


Dr Xueqing MA Head practitioner ATCM

A charming and enthusiastic therapist, Dr Ma was graduated with a master’s degree from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993. She has written articles for a few Chinese leading TCM journals. Brought up in a Martial Art family, she is very skilful in acupressure and acupuncture.


Dr Ma is good at treating
1. Infertility, Menstrual disorders
2. Anxiety, IBS
3. Pain related problems



Born in a TCM family, Dr Zhang’s mother is one of the most outstanding TCM Professors in China. Having worked in a couple of hospitals after graduation from Beijing University of TCM in 1992, he seems destined to become a TCM practitioner. Working with Acuherbal since 2007 as a senior therapist, Dr Zhang is a very experienced therapist with great skills.


Dr Zhang’s specialties are as follows
1. Back pain, sciatica
2. Stroke, neurologic problems
3. Male problems
4. Infertility



Reputed as the most calming therapist, Dr Song loves sports, music and TaiQi. Having worked in a TCM teaching hospital for 16 years after graduation from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is an expert in head-acupressure and TaiQI.


Dr Feng likes to treat
1. Stress, IBS, Migraine
2. Children problems
3. Pain related problems


Li HAO Clinic Manager

Lily is a committed manager, who always bases her goal to provide the best service for our clients. She is very trustworthy, helpful and understands our client’s health problems. Furthermore, she has a broad knowledge in Chinese medicine, and therefore is extremely capable in leading the Acuherbal team to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. This aided in spreading our already excellent reputation in the local area.

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