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I have been an asthmatic for 25 years always suffering. My G.P and the asthma clinic could not help me and my condition has remained the same. One day I was severely short of breath, I even could not walk properly when I walked in Acuherbal in 86 Peckham High Street. Dr Ma saw me and immediately prescribed some herbs for me, which I am still drinking. Dr. Wu also gave me acupuncture course treatment. I am now feeling ok and can do the things I could not do before.


Thanks to Dr. Ma and Dr. Wu and the team of Acuherbal. *

Mrs M. Murrell



I am a student who is studying at a university and has joined a football team. I have been suffered knee and sciatica pain from a football game. Then I was recommended by one of my friends to see Dr.Wu who has given me 10 sessions of acupuncture and massage, along with some Chinese herbal remedy. After that, I am now getting much better and can fully concentrate on my study.


Based on my own experience, I would like to recommend Acuherbal to everyone. *




Thank you very much Dr.Ma for your kind help about my treatment. I am now pregnant because I am very luck to have a chance to see the doctor, who has given me both some kind of Chinese natural herbs and acupuncture.


I am very happy to recommend Acuherbal to everybody who wants to get pregnant. *




After 19 years of trying to conceive and failed IVF treatment. Then I came to Dr.Wu and took some Chinese herbs and acupuncture for 3 months and I am now 5 months pregnant. Thanks to Dr.Wu. *




After 7 years of trying to get pregnant and two failed IVF treatment. I started to take Chinese natural herbs and acupuncture treatment for 6 months. After that, my wife got pregnant naturally! And my wife is now 8 months pregnant. Chinese treatment has given us hope to be parents.


Thank you doctor Wu and Acuherbal team. I strongly recommend Chinese fertility treatment as it is very, very effective. *

Mark and Margaret



I am very grateful to Dr.Wu and the team of Acuherbal.
After having 2 failed I.V.F. treatments and 3 early miscarriages (among them one ectopic pregnant) I am now 8 weeks pregnant! I have been taking herbal tea and herbal medicine and was also treated with acupuncture each week. Considering I am 38 years old and my past history, I feel I was given a little miracle.


The support of Dr.Wu and the Acuherbal team has offered me great help. It helped me to relax, keep confident and be patient.
I would recommend Acuherbal to others. The treatment has been very respectful and friendly. It is very personal and not painful. Thank you very much! *

J Smith



Doctor Wu and his medical team are the best Chinese medical team in London. Impressive, care and conscious and very competent. *

B.I. Adioabdul



Thank God the treatment from Acuherbal has made me a mother of two; the second one is on the way which I believe that GOD-ALMIGHTY will deliver safely. Acuherbal’s staffs are very good and their medicines are working very well.
Many thanks to all the staff that help me through my pregnant, especially Dr. Wu, Lord will continue to bless you and your family.


My family are so grateful to you all, keep up your good work and the God will bless you all. *

Yetty and family



Thank you Dr. Wu, for taking care of me and my wife during infertility treatment. I am now very happy for the result. My wife is pregnant.
I could not believe that dream comes true. I have low sperm count and could not make my wife pregnant without doing I.V.F. Because of the Acuherbal treatment, I am going to be a father.


What can I say to Dr. Wu, may be, I would call him God or Dr. Jesus Wu.
Thanks Dr.Wu and your team! *




I have taken JIAN ZI TANG for 4 weeks along with XIU MEI SUPER STRONG TEA and I have lost so much weight. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12. *




I started a program of losing weight in this clinic last year, at beginning my weight was 125kg. After using JIAN ZI TANG and XIU MEI TEA has helped me to lose weight, I am now 99kg. My health has improved a lot, and I no longer has high blood pressure. *




After having my second baby, I put on so much weight and was not happy. I try JIAN ZI TANG pills, XIU MEI TEA and Slimming soap. I could not believe it! I lost 1.5 stone and I feel great. I got my confidence back, so I will recommend them to everyone. *




Before I started slimming capsule, I weighted 70kg and within a month lost 8kg. The JIAN ZI TANG capsule is very good, working on me without any side effect. I would like to recommend it to everybody. *




I have taken both JIAN ZI TANG capsule and SUPER STRONG XIU MEI TEA for 4 weeks time, and I could not believe that I have lost so much weight. I have lost from size 16 to size 12. If you would like to look very slim, why not try Acuherbal slimming products. *




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