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After 20 years of trying to get pregnant with 3 failed IVF treatment, I came to Dr Wu I started acupuncture and herbal medication. Within 9 months of treatment I conceived. I had bad PCOS. I did not know I could conceive with my age of 39 years old. The staff are wonderful and very supportive. Thank Dr Wu for making what I thought was impossible possible. *


Breast cancer has been a long and tough journey for my husband and I, and you all, have made the difference. Thank you so much for being so caring and thoughtful. It’s appreciated more than you know. This is over, I am clean now.


I am really happy after taking some herbal for my infertility, and am delight to inform you that I have a baby boy. Thanks to all staff especially Dr Wu for the encouragement and treatment given. I have taken the treatment for a couples of months, thank you all.


My name is Tricia I came to Acuherbal one month ago. I heard from the place through a friend. I was given some prescription which was too expensive so they divided for two weeks instead for a month. I started taking it and I had done two sessions of acupuncture and within a month I got pregnant. It works just have faith and also listen your body. Good luck to everyone.


My name is kemi, I heard about Acuherbal from my sister, and I came to see Dr Wu, who recommended some herbal medication and acupuncture for me, which I did. I used this medication for two months and I pregnant, I have a very handsome boy. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the fruit of the womb, they are the best. I come back now for Acuherbal to try another baby, which I believe that Dr Wu will do it again. I would like to recommend the herbal medication to anyone who has been trying for so long. A big thank you to all the staff, they are all wonderful people.


Thank you to Dr Wu and his colleagues for the professional, personalised and excellent acupuncture treatment I received to help with fertility issues. Dr Wu was so incredibly understanding and knew everything he needed to know about the medical side of things so he could compliment this with his treatment. I felt at ease and looked after throughout the whole time and the relaxation I felt during and after a treatment certainly helped me to relax and balance my energy. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommended Dr Wu to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you.


We are very lucky to meet Dr Ma and Dr Wu in Acuherbal. When I had a miscarriage I went to see them. Since then both my husband and I were taking acupuncture and herbal medicine for a while through their fertility treatment. I got pregnant again in my 40’s. Now we have a very heathy and handsome son. They are not only professional and knowledgeable Chinese medicine doctors, but also supportive at a personal level. We are very grateful for the care they provided to us and recommend everyone to take their advice and treatment in their loving hands.

Mr and Mrs Gibbs

I would like to thank Dr Wu and all the team for the emotional and professional support during my IVF journey. This journey is a process. So all of us we have to have a time to prepare our body. Before IVF from my experience I prepare my body by using the treatment before 2 months and I start my IVF because my body was ready and the IVF was successful. I would like to say thank you again and I wish you good luck for all women who are trying for your baby. *


I have had acupuncture to assist me with fertility and I found it very helpful and a great treatment. I'm now 36 weeks pregnant. In the past I had IVF without acupuncture and it did not work. I would recommend this acupuncture for anyone who is trying to get pregnant. This is a great treatment and the staff here are the best. *


I would like to thank the Acuherbal team for the wonderful job and treatment that they gave to me. The extremely pain I was having since 7 years back pain have gone so quick when I use acupuncture. I am very happy the first day of the session is so well. Have spent almost 2,000 pounds no heal, when everyday to the GP no heal, use a lot of pain killers no heal. But when I use acupuncture I feel more, more relief. If anybody have any pain of the body please kindly go to Acuherbal in Peckham High Street. I recommend 100% of the Acuherbal treatment. *


Before I started using herbal medicine recommended by Dr Wu, I had been diagnosed with a big Fibroid a size of an apple. The doctors recommended I go for surgery I had conceived twice but having miscarriage. They said because of the fibroid caused it will be difficult to hold the pregnancy. I came and saw Dr Wu. He advised to start using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. I conceived and now have a beautiful baby girl. I am now back again because I want to try and have another baby. I thank God for the blessing of my baby and thanks to all the staff and Dr Wu for the wonderful job and excellent customer services. I would definitely recommend anyone who has fibroid please go to see Dr.Wu. There is hope with this herbal medication. *


Hello. I came here often during my pregnancy. The nice staff gave me the slimming tea and I lost so much weight that I found my confidence back. I am so happy that I brought my friend to the shop and try the same product. I would like to thank your the team who was helpful. Thank you very much and I am so happy. *


The treatment simply is second to none. Having had Miscarriages for more than five times, I decided to get treatment from here. Even my husband had treatment also right now, I am 6 months pregnant. Thank you so very much for the care and treatment given to me. I have recommended this to all my friends who are having problems with pregnancies. I know they will give their comment very soon. Highly recommended. *


Having taken herbal pills for 4 weeks along with slimming tea and I have lost so much weight. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12. *


After having my second baby I put on so much weight and wasn't happy. I tried herbal pills, slimming tea and slimming soap. I could not believe - I lost 1 and 1/2 stone and I feel great. Got my confidence back so recommended them to everyone. *


I have been seeing Dr Wu throughout my IVF treatment and found it a great help. He also helped me with my back problems and my headaches, I am still continuing to see Dr Wu. This is my 4th attempt where I had acupuncture as well. I would recommend coming here. All the staff are very nice and you receive a great service with a great outcome. *


I am writing to express my gratitude for your herbal remedy support for my Low-Sperm count and my High Blood Pressure health problem. I thank Acuherbal for your herbal remedy assistance, I am glad to inform that my wife she is now pregnant and my Low Sperm count had been restored to normal. The result is that my wife she is now pregnant after long years of waiting. *


I am very grateful to Dr Wu and the other people with Acuherbal. After having 2 failed IVF treatments and 3 early miscarriage ( among them one etopic pregnancy) I am now 8 weeks pregnant. I have been taking herbal tea and herbal medication and was also treated with acupuncture every week. Considering both I am 38 years old and my history, I feel I was given a little miracle.The support of Dr Wu and the team was a great help. It helped me to relax, to keep confidence and also to be patient. I would recommend Acuherbal to others, the treatment has been very respectful and friendly. It was very personal and not invasive of painful. Thank you very much! *


I have been an asthmatic for 25 years always suffering. My G.P and the asthma clinic could not help me and my condition has remained the same. One day I was severely short of breath, I even could not walk properly when I walked in Acuherbal in 86 Peckham High Street. Dr Ma saw me and immediately prescribed some herbs for me, which I am still drinking. Dr. Wu also gave me acupuncture course treatment. I am now feeling better and can do the things I could not do before. *